We have moved to https://charismamovement.com/

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UKECharisma used to be a branch under the UK & Eire Council (UKEC) of Malaysian students. Since now that we consider ourselves to be an independent body to UKEC, we have decided to rebrand to avoid confusion that we are still an organisation tied to UKEC.


We have chosen Charisma Movement as our new organisation name. However, the projects that we carried out under UKECharisma will still be continued as usual!


Fun Fact: “Charisma” stands for Charities in Malaysia, while the addition of the word movement aims to highlight our intentions to promote the act of voluntarism among Malaysian students!


However, fret not, for Charisma Movement will still stay true to our original aim, which is to orchestrate volunteering projects in Malaysia for students.

Twitter: @CharismaMVMT



Charisma Movement